Customize your curtains - Select a style

There are a few simple steps to buying custom curtains here at Holloway Bay.

  • First you select a style.
  • Then, you select a color.
  • Lastly, you select a lining, and specific your sizes and any other options.

We have 4 elegant styles to choose from (click an image to select one):

Tab Top

Sometimes called eyelets, a popular option that is very easy to install, containing reinforced holes through which you can slip a curtain rod.

A more casual option where pieces of cloth are extended above the curtain through which you can slip a curtain rod.

Triple Pleat

Hook and Pocket

A classic look that never gets old. They connect to the curtain rod via loops on the back of the curtain.

The hook and pocket is a versatile option that contains a rod pocket as well as hidden loops for curtain clip rings.