Where are Holloway Bay curtains available? 

We will ship anywhere in the USA, UK, or Ireland. We are looking to expand to more countries very soon.

Do you provide swatches?

Yes, you can order them here.

Do you sell curtain rods?

No, unfortunately thankfully we don't. Most sellers include hardware as an expensive add-on so they can make more profit. That's not how we do business. We do not offer hardware (rods and clip rings), because frankly, Amazon already offers great hardware and will even provide installation.  We recommend these curtain rods here - be sure to select the option "Curtain Rod, Holdbacks, and Clip Rings Bundle"

Where are these curtains made? Where do you get the fabric from?

We work with highly ethical suppliers and manufacturers in Bangladesh and India. They have generations of experience manufacturing textiles and use the most modern techniques. 


We offer three types of linings:

    1. Unlined - A lightweight option that allows some sunlight through, common for living areas where you are not trying to block daylight.  Unlined curtains are a popular option for beach houses,  cottages, and living rooms without televisions.
    2. Privacy - A privacy lining blocks out more light and provides some sound and heat insulation. This lining is 100% polyester and better than cotton for insulation. The privacy lining adds some additional heft and structure to the curtain, many people call curtains of this thickness "drapes." 
    3. Blackout - This lining blocks out nearly 100% of light and provides great noise and heat insulation. Our blackout lining uses a combination of synthetic materials and adds additional heft and structure to the curtain.  Many people call curtains of this thickness "drapes."  


Pleat type

We offer four different styles of curtain:

  1. Triple Pleat - A classic look that never gets old. They connect to the curtain rod via loops on the back of the curtain.
  2. Tab Top - A more casual option where pieces of cloth are extended above the curtain through which you can slip a curtain rod.
  3. Grommet - Sometimes called eyelets, a popular option that is very easy to install, containing reinforced holes through which you can slip a curtain rod. Our grommets come in three colors Brass, Silver, and Antique. 
  4. Hook and Pocket - The hook and pocket is a versatile option that contains a rod pocket (similar to a tab-top but the rod is concealed behind the curtain for a more formal look) as well as small loops that can be hooked into curtain clip rings.  We don't sell clip rings but you can find them at any online home-goods retailer (and we can recommend some if you email us).